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Suu Balm™是一種雙重功效的護膚產品,可深層滋潤和快速止癢。 它適用於任何皮膚乾燥、發癢的人,以快速緩解痕癢並幫助增加保濕頻率。 打破痕癢和抓癢循環將有助於防止抓撓進一步傷害皮膚。



gentle menthol formula


Suu Balm contains a specific ingredient to provide rapid itch relief – menthol – which acts by cooling the skin, and triggering receptors in the nerves in the skin, blocking the transmission of itch signals to the brain. At the same time, Ceramides help restoring skin moisture

• Menthol for fast, cooling itch relief and Ceramides to restore skin moisture.
• The absence of steroids makes this product suitable for all skin types.


The texture is so light, it immediately penetrates the skin, leaving the surface smooth and comfortable. After 5 minutes, your itch will diminish as your skin works up its moisture balance.



Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Propylene Glycol, Menthol, lsopropyl Myristate, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerine, Isostearyl Alcohol and Ceramide III, Carbomer, Hydroxyacetophenone, Aminomethyl Propanol, Phytosteryl/Octyldodecyl Lauroyl Glutamate


如果您對任何成份過敏,請不要使用。 請勿在破損、濕的皮膚上或嘴和眼睛附近使用; 如果將薄荷醇乳霜塗在這些部位可能會刺痛。
如果要給兒童使用,請先嘗試一下他們是否能忍受。 他們的皮膚可能對薄荷醇更敏感

Suu Balm 速效舒敏保濕乳 350ml 共有 58 則評價

  1. Anonymous (已購買)

    the moisturiser was also fine. the coolness only lasts for several minutes then i have to reapply if i feel itchy which is really frequent.

  2. Lee (已購買)

    Suu balm is effective in curbing my eczema. Love using it as it’s steriod free!

  3. Rikki (已購買)

    Love this formulation, it’s hydrating enough yet dries well and is not a greasy mess, doesn’t leave you your skin feeling sticky and icky. Also managed to soothe the itchy areas which had flare ups fairly quickly!

  4. Angela Grosse (已購買)

    Excellent. It’s help to moisturises the skin & decrease the itchy

  5. Evelyn Wong (已購買)

    Good & effective. Non oily but mint strength could better be increased a bit more!!

  6. Kim Wai Leung (已購買)

    Too minty makes me very cold after use .

  7. Anonymous (已購買)

    The minty sensation helps eliminate itch faSt

  8. Marilyn W. (已購買)

    My mom use it and it is effective to relieve itchiness, we we’ll continue using your product particularly this item…

  9. 春香 李

    Like the product as it sooth itching skin in just a few minutes

  10. Naadiah J. (已購買)

    Its helping me alot. Super fast absorbing and it quickly subsides the itch

  11. Nurul A. (已購買)

    This is a god sent! I use it Every night

  12. Faris Mahmood (已購買)

    My Dad have been using Suu Balm for over a period of 5 months & God the results were impeccable. Before hand, he did venture into other countless products but with Suu Balm, he finally made his match to treat his eczema condition better. With that being said, consistency is key & by performing the routine diligently, you may acquire the similar results!

    Thank You!

  13. 春香 李 (已購買)

    Relief itching in just seconds

  14. james c. (已購買)

    The product could be better if the price could reduce

  15. Melissa O. (已購買)

    Very good at relieving itch

  16. Hsiao Chien (已購買)

    This is by far the best body moisturiser I’ve used for my ecezma. The menthol cream leaves a cooling sensation on my skin and that minimises my scratching of the infected area.


    Great product

  18. Anonymous (已購買)


  19. Anonymous (已購買)

    As someone who struggles with mild eczema, this cream is perfect to stop the temptations to scratch, all whilst providing soothing calming relief with the added methol. Only cream I’ve tested that has this extra menthol addition, which really helps!

  20. Pei Leng (已購買)

    Very effective to stop itch. Not just for eczema but also for bites

  21. Anonymous (已購買)

    release the itch repaidly

  22. Danny Yong (已購買)

    my skins got relieve from itch fast and healing was good.

  23. Anonymous (已購買)

    good, family all like

  24. Anonymous (已購買)

    Quite possibly the best moisturiser I have used in my life — and that’s saying something, given that I have suffered for eczema for 28 years of it. This moisturiser is unlike anything else I have ever used, the menthol element actually stops the itch effectively! And the moisturiser is also quite light, making it perfect for humid environments like Singapore. Please never stop manufacturing this product!!

  25. Anonymous (已購買)

    Soothing and nice

  26. Kamariah Mian (已購買)

    Used this on my dad. He luvs the cool feeling aft applying on his back.

  27. Bee Lain Tan (已購買)

    Cooling and moisturising! A great buy!

  28. Helen (已購買)

    Very soothing on itchy skin

  29. Anonymous (已購買)

    Really helped my dry itchy skin.

  30. Ibrahim M. (已購買)

    It’s perfect to prevent itching

  31. Karen (已購買)

    My elderly mom swears by this product; she has very sensitive skin and has tried practically everything out there. Suu Balm is the only one that does the trick for her!

  32. Anonymous (已購買)


  33. Anne Teo (已購買)

    Great and instant relief

  34. Anonymous (已購買)

    Love the cooling sensation! Really helps with dry itchy and painful skin.

  35. Charmaine Tan (已購買)

    Another staple product from Suu balm. It relieves my skin from itching. The cooling effect stops me from scratching!

  36. Alicia T. (已購買)

    This is my third purchase of Suubalm’s moisturiser. I really love how fast it absorbs into my skin and it’s really not greasy or oily at all.

  37. Anonymous (已購買)

    My 10 year old uses this every night and it keeps his eczema flare-ups to a minimum. The lotion is light and absorbed quickly and my kid likes the minty feeling.

  38. Joey (已購買)

    Super cooling and moisture body lotion. I am using rapid itch relief together with cooling body shampoo. Both products work amazingly good especially on sensitive and dry skin. Highly recommended! Will purchase again if have promotion. Thank you!

  39. Anonymous (已購買)

    I like this product and it take my skin itch away almost immediately.

  40. Regina (已購買)

    Fast relief of itch due to dry skin.

  41. Catherine W. (已購買)

    I absolutely love this body moisturiser! Because of the cooling menthol, it stops the skin itching within a few minutes. Whenever I feel any itch starting, I will quickly apply this moisturiser to the area & the itch will stop in less than 5 minutes. This has greatly helped me in getting a good night’s sleep as I tend to experience the itching quite a bit in the middle of the night. I have been using this moisturiser & body wash for quite a while now & my skin has greatly improved. Thanks to the people who created these products, the eczema on my body is finally under control!

  42. Rosalind (已購買)

    relief my itch

  43. Amanda H. (已購買)

    Relieves itch quickly with soothing menthol sensation

  44. Anonymous (已購買)

    I like the rapid itch relief. It works well however the skin “restoration “ effect is very slow or not there. Suggest to make a stronger formulation for faster skin restoration. I will love to have this product.

  45. Cheng Yvonne (已購買)

    Love the cooling effect!

  46. Karen U. (已購買)

    This is the best product on the market and this size is excellent value. I’m never without my suu balm.

  47. Anonymous (已購買)

    Very good, stop itchy very quickly

  48. Cecilia Tan (已購買)

    Very good to use as and when my ezcema gets itchy. A thumb up.

  49. Geraldine M. (已購買)

    Absolutely fantastic product. I only wish I had known about it a longtime ago. I have psoriasis and the itch is unbearable with it at times but suu balm is the best product I have ever used to relieve it.

  50. Joey N. (已購買)

    5 minutes cooling effect is unbelievable! I love using this after Suu Balm Dual cooling body cream wash. Both works perfectly especially in humid and warm day.

  51. Anonymous (已購買)

    very moisturiser suitable for sensitive skin

  52. Mary (已購買)

    A super product for itchy skin. In particular I find it very effective in soothing the itch associated with my varicose eczema.

  53. Puspa Hussain (已購買)

    Not sticky

  54. Anonymous (已購買)


  55. Fung L. (已購買)


  56. 匿名 (已購買)

    用左幾日感覺都唔錯, 有少少改善過敏反應

  57. J Tsang (已購買)

    Very good product for adult and baby. They all feel much better after applying the cream, no more itchy body.

  58. 匿名 (已購買)


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