終極 Suu Balm™️ 濕疹優惠套裝

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終極的2步SUU BALM 濕疹入門套裝,可快速輕鬆地緩解濕疹痕癢!

這個套裝為每個使用者提供了易於管理和護理易生濕疹皮膚的簡單方法。 這個套裝只需2個步驟,結合了我們的沐浴露- Suu Balm™️ 速效舒敏沐浴露和我們的皇牌產品- Suu Balm™️速效舒敏保濕乳。





Suu Balm 速效舒敏沐浴露是一種溫和、清新的配方。對於任何皮膚乾燥、敏感或容易出現濕疹的人來說,日常使用都是安全的。

• 由新加坡國家皮膚中心(NSC, Singapore)制定
• 薄荷醇可舒緩和緩解濕疹皮膚
• 由NSC經營「痕癢診所」的皮膚科主任鄭宏量醫生 (Dr. Tey Hong Liang) 特別精心挑選的成份 • 蘊含5種保濕成份,包括豐富的乳木果油和透明質酸鈉
• 蘊含5種保濕成份,包括豐富的乳木果油和透明質酸鈉
• 不含paraben 防腐劑、防腐劑和人造香料,使該產品適合所有皮膚類型。



Suu Balm 蘊含一種特殊的成份,可快速緩解痕癢 – 薄荷醇,其作用是冷卻皮膚,觸發皮膚神經中的受體,阻止痕癢信號向大腦的傳播。 同時,神經酰胺有助於恢復皮膚的水分。

• 薄荷醇可迅速和冰爽地止癢,神經酰胺可恢復皮膚水分。
• 不含類固醇,該產品適合所有皮膚類型。


淋浴或沐浴時,應每天使用Suu Balm™️ 速效舒敏沐浴露,如果需要,可以每天或多次使用。塗抹於身體上,輕輕清潔,然後沖洗乾淨。如果您對任何成份過敏,請不要使用。為了獲得最佳效果,請保持淋浴時間短,不要使用過熱的水。淋浴後,將皮膚拍乾,然後將Suu Balm 保濕乳塗抹在癢或乾燥的身體部位。對於兒童,請使用我們的Suu Balm™️ 速效舒敏沐浴露 (嬰幼兒配方)。

每天使用Suu Balm™️ 速效舒敏保濕乳作為保濕劑,或者在皮膚發癢和乾燥時,可以舒緩和滋潤。每天在患處或根據醫生或藥劑師的指示塗2-3次。如果您對任何成份過敏,請不要使用。請勿在破損的皮膚或嘴和眼睛附近使用本產品;如果將薄荷醇霜塗在這些部位,會刺痛。對於兒童,請先嘗試一下是否可以忍受。他們的皮膚可能對薄荷醇更敏感。另外,對於兒童,請使用我們的Suu Balm™️速效舒敏保濕乳(嬰幼兒配方)。

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終極 Suu Balm™️ 濕疹優惠套裝 共有 67 則評價

  1. Teo (已驗證的擁有者)

    Great product and it ease the itch.

  2. Siti (已驗證的擁有者)

    Bought and tested!

    I was skeptical at first but i just decide to buy after getting sample from one of the booth at northpoint. I wont say that it has totally clear my dry itchy skin but it did help in stopping the itch and slowly recovering my opened wound cause by it.

    Tips that may help you out there! Apply pressure when you are using both bodywash and moisturiser. It will help to penetrate through your skin better. 😉

  3. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    the shower cream was fine. i can feel the coolness right after bath but it only lasts for several minutes and the itchiness is still there.

  4. Bryan (已驗證的擁有者)

    Awesome very cooling and effective

  5. Geraldine (已驗證的擁有者)

    My mum has been complaining lately for her dry skin and this works so well to relieve her from the problem!

  6. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    The body wash seems to benefit my mom who has dry and sensitive skin.

  7. Heng Liang (已驗證的擁有者)

    The body wash works great in conjunction with the body moisturiser. I was sceptical at first but the body moisturiser REALLY works in about 5 minutes to stop itch.

  8. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    The body wash and body moisturiser have completely changed my life! The menthol relieves any feeling of itchiness and my skin feels softer and more hydrated. Personally, the cooling affect from the menthol is pretty easy to get used to. The best part – it does not feel moist/sticky, which is perfect for Singapore’s weather!

  9. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    Tried out both the body wash and body moisturiser for 3 months and my skin LOVES it; non greasy or sticky, perfect for our tropical climate. My skin texture has softened and the formula has help prevent my habitual scratching, allowing my skin time and opportunity to heal. These bundles also help to save some bucks in the long run!

  10. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    Getting better

  11. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    Soothing !!

  12. Faris M. (已驗證的擁有者)

    Proven Effective.

  13. Michelle (已驗證的擁有者)


  14. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    The shower cream has a cooling effect due to the mint and it is very refreshing.

  15. Tan (已驗證的擁有者)

    Its was cool and wont sticky when I apply on my skin. I had been used around 2 weeks and its really help to reduce the itchy problem.

  16. Nurul A. (已驗證的擁有者)

    Helps a lot with my dry skin n eczema

  17. Louise (已驗證的擁有者)

    Useful products, especially love the body moisturiser!

  18. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    Bought for my father to try and he said that they helped with his itch. The bundling is good.

  19. Karen Mah (已驗證的擁有者)

    I love the cooling sensation which relieves the itch almost immediately.

  20. Katherine Tan (已驗證的擁有者)


  21. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)


  22. chee kang ng (已驗證的擁有者)


  23. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    Works effectively within few dayside

  24. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    Love the shower gel skin stops itching

  25. Roy (已驗證的擁有者)

    Fast delivery and had my eczema on my neck under control.

  26. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    helped to relieve the extreme itch of my undiagnosed rashes.

  27. Huilian (已驗證的擁有者)

    Repeat purchase.. thanks for the super quick delivery!

  28. Alethea (已驗證的擁有者)

    The menthol present really helps alleviate/relieve the itching! Be careful not to touch your face or your eyes after using the moisturiser because it REALLY stings. Also, applying it to my neck made me feel quite uncomfortable because it was pretty painful, but give it a few minutes and the pain/stinging will settle down 🙂 Really recommend this!

  29. Sinead McNamara (已驗證的擁有者)

    Love it, really soothes my itchy skin & the shower gel is gorgeous, soothing & fab smell

  30. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    It does relieve the itch quickly and reduce the redness of the itchy patch

  31. Karen Mah (已驗證的擁有者)

    I loved it!

  32. Nurashikin M. (已驗證的擁有者)

    This is my first time using the Suu Balm cream body wash+moisturiser. I love both cos it moisturises as well as refreshes my problematic skin & the minty feel is not overpowering.

  33. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

  34. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    My itch reduced & I likes the menthol feel, one of the best cream I come across

  35. Sherifah Alkaff (已驗證的擁有者)

    the itch stop almost immedietly. But the skin rash still there and i need to apply the steroid cream

  36. Steven Nguyen (已驗證的擁有者)

    Good product for maintenance. Still have to use prescribed eczema cream when flare up. Can’t replace completely

  37. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    Stops itch immediately

  38. Dirah Aminoor (已驗證的擁有者)

    This is my second purchase and i LOVE IT

  39. Skye (已驗證的擁有者)

    Bought the bundle deal under NDP promo. Prompt delivery. Look forward to more promotional deals else too expensive 😉

  40. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    I like to use the cream cause it really moisturise my skin. The shower gel is very cooling. I like to use especially on warm days.

  41. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    3rd day from using both the shower and the lotion, I saw a major improvement in my Eczema!

  42. ady chandra (已驗證的擁有者)

    The menthol is really effective to tame the itch. Be careful if applying it to the whole body, as it is very cooling, making me trembling. My eczema is under control and not flaring so far since I use the Suu Balm.

  43. Andy S. (已驗證的擁有者)

    Works well on my dad’s skin itch and dryness. Like the long lasting cooling effect and non-greasy feel.

  44. Anonymous (已驗證的擁有者)

    Very good relief for dryness and itchiness. Effective indeed!

  45. Pauline (已驗證的擁有者)

    Very good for itchy dry skin

  46. Candy C. (已驗證的擁有者)

    Both my parent-in-law is satisfyed using the product. So far it really helps relief itch. No complaints from both of them. Will repeat order when item is used up.

  47. Mayee C. (已驗證的擁有者)


  48. david so (已驗證的擁有者)


  49. 匿名 (已驗證的擁有者)


  50. 匿名 (已驗證的擁有者)

    Very cool experience, not greasy and it’s nice to those who do not like sticky feeling after apply moisturiser

  51. Yuen Kong Tai (已驗證的擁有者)


  52. wai kei (已驗證的擁有者)


  53. Yu cheung L. (已驗證的擁有者)

    我用左Sun Balm產品都止到痕。

  54. 匿名 (已驗證的擁有者)

    its good

  55. Rebecca (已驗證的擁有者)


  56. 匿名 (已驗證的擁有者)

    Very good! Will buy again.

  57. 匿名 (已驗證的擁有者)


  58. 匿名 (已驗證的擁有者)

    用完之後第一晚, 身體痕癢狀況有改善

  59. 匿名 (已驗證的擁有者)

    塗後有冰涼感, 減少痕癢

  60. 匿名 (已驗證的擁有者)

    Great value combo

  61. Cathy N. (已驗證的擁有者)

  62. ying shuk Wong (已驗證的擁有者)

    短暫止痕癢 沐浴露用後舒適

  63. PUI FONG (已驗證的擁有者)


  64. CARMEN L. (已驗證的擁有者)


  65. walter pang (已驗證的擁有者)


  66. Shu mui Josephine Yeung (已驗證的擁有者)


  67. Candy W. (已驗證的擁有者)


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